seems like while you were browsing the web you stumbled upon a link to my horrible website and i thank you for stopping by to visit.
You might as well make the most of your stay! Here you can find games, pictures, videos, my projects, ramblings of an insane person (me) and shrines for my favorite things!
Button has been created feel free to link back to my site with it


[5/15/24]   Theme switcher!!  

Fastlane now has a theme switcher with 3 additional themes Dark, Light and EVIL!!!
I'm going to be honest that was a pain in the ass to implement.
I also reduced the size of the site slightly which included the removal of many features.
including but not limited to fastlane classic, games, secret code, and the calendar.
Fastlane classic will return as a seperate site the rest are kinda stuck in limbo rn.

[5/2/24]    Happy May!!  

As of yesterday it's may which brought some updates to the site.
pacman has been removed for a bi-weekly album review.

[4/24/24]   I think I changed stuff?  

I actually can't remember what has been changed but I know I changed something.
Is my memory that bad holy cow.
If i remember correctly that homer simpson is new try clicking him!
and the mutual and cool site area is new if anyone can spot something else tell me... please?

[4/19/24]    Long time no update!  

I've finally decided to update this log
First and foremost fastlane is nearly completed
image of the day and the music player make their great return.
On top of that a calendar pacman and some buttons make their first appearance.
Fastlane is now part of the leaky webring
Fastlane will occasionally flood with green goo and it's your job to clean it up
work with fellow visitors to stop the flood it's multiplayer everyone sees the same amount of goo.
Fastlane has a button to link back to the site it would be awesome if y'all put on your sites!

[4/1/24]    This is not a Joke   

It's April Fools But this is not a fool Fastlane is back!
This new layout took forever to finish and
I would love to hear some feedback!

Image of The Day

Day 1: Gem Alert! Gem Alert! Gem Alert! Gem Alert!

Bi-weekly Album Review Previous reviews

Album: 2
Name and Artist: Hybrid theory by Linkin Park
Quick Facts: This album was released Oct 24th, 2000,
rereleased in 2020 for it's 20th
Review: Clearly there's a pattern with these reviews I love linkin Park
Yet another amazing album an easy 10 for Hybrid Theory
a lot of amazing songs personally favorites being a tie between
One step closer and Papercut. Absolute masterpieces despite this album being great it's not my favorite from them
My personal favorite is Meteora which might be the next review unless I choose another artist.