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About The Webmaster

I'm deporitazz and I created this website here are some silly facts about me: I love the game fortnite I am actually obsessed with it right now it's the only game I play on the regular.

Some of the things I'm extremely interested are: Tamagotchis I love virtual pets and I love the fact that I can bring it anywhere, I also love the card game Yu-Gi-Oh the card art is great and it's fun to play casually, Halo is possibly my favorite game series but only prior to 343 taking the game series, I'm really interested in animatronics Chuck e Cheese and Rocka Fire explosion specifically, I also really like Garfield Spongebob and Family Guy.

Somethings I do in my freetime are coding this website drawing making stuff with clay.

Random stuff I forgot to list off: Music I like tally hall Lemon Demon Frank sinatra Linkin Park Green Day Abandoned pools The Cranberries and other punk grunge alt rock Media besides Tv like jerma985 vinny and joel vinesauce Kurtis Conner Danny Gonzalez Izzzyzzz I also love science and animals like cats mice monkeys birds crows specifically groundhogs raccoons.

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